Industry Market


Whether you are going to develop an 800 lumen spot light which needs to fit in an MR16 cutout or an industrial flood light of 100.000 lumen for a football stadium, we have all the technologies in house which are needed to come to a successful project.

It all starts with listening, understanding what you as our customer actually need. These needs we translate into the correct product, what means that the initial investments as well as the production process and prices match with what you were looking for. And that's where we outstand - we understand the in-and-outs of thermal management, master all processes and know how to translate these to the perfect balance between initial investment in NRE and molds and the final unit prices, creating the ideal ROI like you expect it.

When it comes to thermal knowledge and mechanical design of LED coolers, we have been pioneers from day one. Not only we master thermal calculation models, CFD and real measurements, we have a very close relationship to a wide bunch of tier 1 LED manufacturers and optic brands. These relationships give us knowledge and understanding about the product, as well as where the market is going towards. In this way we have been always a step ahead of where the new markets where going. When real high power COBs where seeking their way to the market, we had the LED coolers already on the shelf available.

▲ CoolBay® Tera-A with Citizen CitiLED CLU058, BJB holder 47.319.4160, MechaTronix Coolview 10-60AG and Meanwell HBG-240 LED driver

Most important for our team, we like challenges! When they asked us the first time if it was possible to generate 100.000 lumen from a LED engine as small as 8 by 8 centimeter, our team looked to each other and smiled… The challenges we meet are not always pure thermal driven - mechanical ideas which simplify the assembly or make it possible to tilt your spotlight that extra 15 degrees are as important to us.

▲ CoolFin® Giga

Technologies also means market knowledge, and knowledge on the regulations and standard which come along. More and more we see that the LED cooler becomes part of the complete lighting fixture, what means that SELV, CE and UL regulations with regards to safety have to be taken into account from the very beginning.