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Product Development

Although MechaTronix became one of the big names in LED cooling with their broad range of standard products, product developments stays key for our team.

For us product development means two ways:

  • At one side we develop continuously new standard products for those directions where we think the market will go.

Good examples of these are our LED pin fin coolers - When we noticed that everyone was using extrusions for tilted LED spot lights, we developed the LED pin fin coolers. These were more compact as the extrusions and didn't generate a rise in temperature under tilted positioning of the luminaire.

▲ LPF6768-ZHP mounting with Edison SLM and relflector

Another example is our CoolBlock industrial LED coolers - When Lumileds and Osram started to develop complete industrial Led boards instead of just the LED package we cooperated immediately with them and the lens makers like Ledil to make it into a complete LED engine platform.

▲ CoolBlock® SQ-01 2x2MX with Lumileds Luxeon XR-M 2x2MX module

  • At the other side we make sure to save enough resources for your customised ideas - Our part in that can go from simple advice over thermal optimization to complete development.

To understand what product development means we are going to take you through a few definitions we need to determine the boundary conditions, the start of the LED cooler development.

To understand what product development means we are going to take you through a few definitions we need to determine the boundary conditions, the start of the LED cooler development.

  • How much lumen, in which color and with which CRI you want to develop?
  • What kind of luminaire will it be, what's the beam angle, positioning and its environment?
  • How many pieces do you think to sell in year 1, 2 and further on - maybe a strange question to you, but with this info we can make sure that we match the production process with the reality.
  • What's the available outer space for the LED cooler?
  • At which temperature do you want to keep your LED junction and case?
  • Which other components will there around, like a casing, a lens in the front,…?

…. Just to name a few of the criteria which will lead our design.

Thermal calculation, CFD modelling and real measurements. In many cases we can pre-calculate your needs on cooling surface and thermal resistance Rth without the need for expenses thermal CFD modelling. The thermal calculation model (in its simple form) is further explained under this chapter.

Thermal Calculation

This results into a number, the thermal resistance Rth, your LED cooler should perform as a minimum to stay below the temperature you have decided in the beginning. With this thermal resistance in combination with the LED package you will use you can browse through our standard LED coolers, popping up a number of suitable coolers which are as well as thermal as mechanical compatible to what you were searching for.

A second approach would be to start off a custom made LED cooler development from that same number. From the boundary conditions we can judge how much cooling surface and volume you would roughly need. With the varieties in thermal conductivity of each process in mind we can give you from this point an advice on the product.

Next when your case is too complex to use a calculation approach, we can run a complete CFD thermal modeling. In this case you can simulate complex situations like a ground spot into a cement base with the LED engine pointing upwards.

▲ CoolBay® Tera CFD results

Final thermal verification

Once the first-out-of-tool parts are made, a final thermal verification round will be made. We have eight fully automated measurement rooms, so we can measure and predict your luminaire into real circumstances.

Mass production setup and logistics handling

Although it maybe doesn't seem to make part of development, we see it as a crucial part. With our 3 global warehouses (Kaohsiung Taiwan, Hong Kong and Breda The Netherlands), we make sure we fulfil your logistic needs in the way which fits your project the best. That can be from as simple as keeping buffer stock all the way up to contract safety management and CANBAN deliveries. Also mold management is part of our guarantee to you - not just the maintenance of the mold, but the propriety rights, the ownership management and the NDA are flagships in our organisation.