MechaTronix specializes in two major fields of play:

  • The design and manufacturing of horticulture LED Grow Lights.

    A comprehensive range of advanced LED grow lights for top lighting in indoor cultivation and greenhouses, interlighting for high wire crops, supplemental lighting for vertical greenhouse farming and top-notch vertical farming grow lights. For in-depth knowledge, technologies, support and further information about our commercial grade LED Grow Lights, please visit

  • The design and manufacturing of LED cooling solutions from A to Z.

    The LED coolers from MechaTronix are categorised either by the field of use which corresponds with the formats and lumen packages typically seen in that field,or by mechanical and thermal compatibility towards either the LED packages per brand and the corresponding optics. MechaTronix offers probably the widest range of standard LED coolers available in the market, from miniaturised star led coolers and pin fin led coolers for spot lights, track light and down lights over industrial LED cooler building blocks to complete "lego sets" to build extreme power coolers for the horticulture or industrial lighting field.


Major advantages of MechaTronix standard LED coolers:

  • Mechanical compatibility with the LED engine and optics of your preference - no need of extra drilling and tapping and the costs and time delay which comes along.
  • Proven thermal results - all combinations of your choice have been tested and documented, giving you an unprecedented insight in the temperature and lifetime you can expect with your luminaire design.
  • State-of-the-art thermal performances - MechaTronix standard LED coolers have been undergoing hundreds of hours of thermal optimisations, guaranteeing you maximal performance out of the given volume.

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▲ CoolStar® 4730 Optimisation

Besides standard LED coolers, the development team of MechaTronix assists its lighting customers and global distributors in developing the perfect cooler for their new product families. These co-design projects can start as easy as thermal optimisations within the boundary conditions you as a customer decide, up to complete designs from scratch where we go side-by-side with you or your designers. At the end of each design traject, we can either decide to make a mathematical approach of the thermal results, a full CFD computational analyses or a real field measurement on physical samples.

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▲ CoolBay® Tera CFD results

We would also like to invite you to read more about our LED manufacturing processes and thermal knowledge further on this web site. At last we hope you are convinced that with a knowledge and production partner like MechaTronix, you can make a difference in your designs.

Spot Light Coolers

  • Extruded or Pin fin technology
  • Cosmetic design
  • Adaptable coating colors

Down Light Coolers

  • Most compact designs
  • Modular mounting patterns
  • Highest performance per volume

Track Light Coolers

  • Full tiltable 90 degrees
  • Wide range of diameters
  • Adaptable coating colors

Architectural Light Coolers

  • For indoor and outdoor luminaires
  • Based on standard LED boards and lenses
  • Compact designs

High Bay Coolers

  • Modern designs flush looks
  • Up to 30,000 lumen full passive cooled
  • Patented CoolTube® technology

Flood Light Coolers

  • IP67 ingress protection with lenses
  • Advanced thermal designs
  • Special coating for outdoor use

Area Light Coolers

  • IP67 ingress protection with lenses
  • Advanced thermal designs
  • Special coating for outdoor use

High Mast Coolers

  • All hte way up to 100,000 lumen
  • Full passive cooled
  • Patented cooler designs

Sports Light Coolers

  • All the way up to 100,000 lumen
  • Full passived cooled
  • Patented cooler designs

Horticulture LED Coolers

  • IP67 ingress protected designs
  • Highest market performances
  • Up to 1,500 μmol/s full passive

Street Light Coolers

  • Compact designs for high power
  • IP67 ingress protection
  • Speical coating for outdoor use

Lenses & Optics

  • Wide range of beam patterns
  • High end borosilicate glass 95%
  • Anti glare designs
  • Batwing designs

COB Connectors

  • According Zhaga standards
  • Solderless contacts with direct wires
  • Extreme low profile
  • Robust designs in Mica 450V

Interconnectors, Glands and Screws

  • Dedicated designs
  • Off-the-shelf available
  • No MOQs