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As a leading developer of superior light quality from LED modules, Xicato’s innovations produced the LED module category. Xicato’s LED modules are simple yet elegant, featuring a form, fit and function that make them virtually future-proof and easy to integrate into a family of luminaires. Delivering accurate color and efficient light enables the spaces in which they’re installed to look as good years from now as the day they’re first illuminated.

Not only the widest range of LED coolers MechaTronix is made available for the various Xicato LED modules, but we do this with passion for design and looks, with a deep knowledge what leads to smaller LED coolers so you can create a more elegant design, and with and uncompromised drive for quality.

Besides the various LED coolers for the Xicato XIM, XTM and XCA led modules, we have now a complete range of validated coolers for you off-the-shelf available for the new Xicato XOB high-density LED COB, matching the thermal needs and in the smallest footprints ever seen on the market.

pdf-iconXicato XIM-XTM-XCA LED cooler overview

pdf-iconXicato XOB LED cooler overview

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