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Headquartered in Germany, VosslohSchwabe counts as a technology leader within the lighting sector. Top quality, high-performance products form the basis of the company's success.

As official thermal solution partner of Vossloh Schwabe, MechaTronix has developed a unique range of passive and active LED coolers for the Vossloh Schwabe Luga LED modules.

The MechaTronix LED coolers outstand in design and thermal performance.

Through the ideal balance between conduction, convection and radiation, these designs result in an optimal cooling capacity in minimal dimensions.

Besides a broad range of LED coolers for the Luga Shop modules which diversify themselves through performance and aesthetic looks, we have developed a specific active cooling system for the Luga Industrial LED module. With this active cooler you can go all the way up 15.000 lumen, keeping your LED temperatures well below the required Tc for long-life guarantee, and that at just 425 grams!


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