Tridonic & MechaTronix LED cooling cooperation

21 June 2013

Full range LED coolers launched for Tridonic Talexx Stark SLE LED modules

Ready to use LED modules are in the lift, that’s the least you can say

More and more lighting designers prefer to work with standard LED modules instead of PCB boards with discrete LED components.
The reasons for that are rather clear: no LED binning problems, guaranteed lumen packages and lighting colors, high CRI values,…

Tridonic & MechaTronix LED cooling cooperation

One aspect remains the same: LEDs need to be cooled down in a professional way to guarantee a maximal life time and to avoid problems like color shifting or lumen decrease.
Also Tridonic understood that a high end thermal partner would be perfect for their customers using the Talexx Stark SLE modules.

In this perspective MechaTronix developed six new standard LED coolers which offer an of the shelf solution for all the Talexx Stark SLE modules, ranging from the Stark SLE LES 19 LED module for 1.450 lumens over the SLE LES 23 all the way up to the SLE LES 26 for 5.550 hot lumens.

Thermal validation tests have been performed on both the nominal driving currents of the Tridonic Talexx Stark SLE modules as well as on the maximal ratings under different ambient temperatures.
With this data on hand you have a perfect prediction on the thermal results you will get in your design and the related life time you can expect of your luminaire.
A practical overview which lets you determine the LED cooler you need under your design conditions can be downloaded here.

A second aspect of high importance in the LED market is availability

We believe all lighting designers can testify that the market is demanding and fast.
While a customer didn’t have any needs yesterday, he expects you to be able to deliver in just a few weeks’ time after he decides the time is ripe.
As a reaction on that MechaTronix has built up a comprehensive stock of all the Tridonic LED coolers both in the headquarters in Taiwan as in their worldwide distribution network.
While for small and medium quantities of the shelf delivery is available, even high quantity projects can be served within 4 weeks’ time.

Last but not least Tridonic and MechaTronix believe in design assistance

Even when using Talexx Stark SLE LED modules with standard validated LED coolers, there is sometimes a clear need from lighting designers for a high end partner with thermal know how who is available for design aid.
Therefore we have foreseen a design team with both lighting and thermal knowledge which Tridonic customers can easily access.

About Tridonic

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