As an important importer and distributor of electronic and mechanical components for the professional and industrial markets, we have sat around the table with designers, R&D engineers, and buyers for over 40 years. We are not just ‘box pushers’. Telerex has a wealth of knowledge and experience to help us find the best possible result for you.

Our added value

  • Thermal Consultancy

    Telerex has more than 40 years worth of experience and knowledge available in providing thermal engineering services, analyses, thermal training, and much more. We therefore offer the best support for the delivered products, and we will help you to develop your applications quickly and easily, so that you stay on track with your budget and timing.
  • Build-To-Order Computers

    With Build-to-Order Systems, we mean exactly what it the label suggestions. Computer systems built specifically customised for you, with full freedom of choice in terms of platform, implementation, housing, and expandability options. Are you a designer or builder of automated applications, but would you rather not be involved in the construction of the required computers? Then we have the answer to your needs. Telerex builds house brand systems for you!