The Safest Choice

The Safest Choice

The Safest Choice. This is Telerex’s credo. And it is not just a slogan to which we pay lip service, but a way of thinking that is interwoven with all our processes, products, and solutions. That we are the safest choice is best shown by putting a few things in perspective. The combination of factors below ensures that Telerex always provides you with the best possible solution for your application.

Professional electronics

Telerex has over 40 years of professional experience as an importer and distributor of electronics solutions for manufacturers of equipment, machines, and complete applications. For this OEM market Telerex offers a varied and specialised range of the best products from European, American, and Asian producers.

The right product

You expect the right product, naturally. Telerex continuously works on maintaining a high level of knowledge and a thorough understanding of your market, processes, and applications, and we choose our suppliers on the basis of quality, price, delivery time, and long-term reliability. Only in this way can we determine what solution would be best for you. Telerex not only supplies you with a good product, we also provide you with the right product.

Added value

Forecasting, contract management, and logistical expertise make Telerex more than just one stop on the route for placing your order. Telerex provides tangible added value by keeping track of when your stock is getting low, by ensuring the delivery time you have promised to your customers, by quickly responding to unexpected problems, and by reacting fast and adequately to all your questions. You will never need to wait on Telerex.


After more than 40 years as OEM supplier Telerex offers you a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of kiosk building, Digital Signage, LED applications, vending machines, access control, and registration. We are at the drawing table when new ideas are being developed, have close, long-term contacts with leading manufacturers, and we gladly offer you these contacts, this knowledge, and this experience to translate functional designs into the right product and solution.


With 'The Safest Choice' credo as a high priority, we naturally pay close attention to quality and reliability, and we maintain strict requirements for our suppliers and partners. Our business processes are ISO-9001 certified. The Telerex Competence Center offers you a facility for pilot lines, quality control, and run-in testing, and our fully equipped EMI testing room is at your disposal to subject your equipment or components to pre-compliance tests.