LED Components

Our partners

MechaTronix is proud of its esteemed eco-partner network. Not only we cooperate with the biggest global brands like Nichia, Lumileds, Cree, Osram or Citizen, we work together in an intensive way of mutual return. While we make sure that each package of our LED brand eco-partners has at least a handful of standard coolers available, we also build together on the platforms of tomorrow. Together with the LED brands and the optics market leaders like Ledil and Khatod, we make sure new markets become feasible and reachable for our customers. In this way industrial led lighting has been moved from fully customised high investment and intensity, to a market where common parts are off-the-shelf available, being compatible towards each other and finally leading to a successful and guaranteed product.

▲ CoolBlock® LX-01-2x6 with Lumileds Luxeon XR-TX

Also towards the horticultural LED market our eco-partnerships have been of unprecedented value. Together with Osram OS with their integration partner Cezos for the Led boards, and Ledil for the optics, we have co-developed a wide range of standard building blocks which all together lead to the perfect horticulture LED top light.

▲ CoolBlock® HC-01-3x11 with Cezos Osram PCB

We also admire design and looks. Therefore we have designed for partners like Xicato LED coolers which fit towards the market where they go, with aesthetics in the mind and a clinical finish.

So when you awake that day before you are going to make a new development, give us a sign - we might get you on the correct foot right away saving you a lot of time and efforts, and most important making sure at the end your project will lead to success.