New LED Pin Fin heat sink 111mm for shop lighting

28 August 2013

Better thermal results under tilted positioning – up to 5000 lumen

MechaTronix launches the LPF111 LED pin fin heat sink as a new platform for passive cooling of shop and down lights from 2000 to 5000 lumen.

New LED Pin Fin heat sink 111mm for shop lighting

While extruded LED coolers loose around 25% of the cooling capacity once the luminaire is tilted over an angle of 20 degrees or more, this technology makes through the open fin structure that the free air convection cooling keeps at an optimal level.

The LPF111 LED pin fin heat sink has an advanced pin layout with and ideal surface to space ratio and a specific pin placement which offer the highest possible thermal performance under free air convection.

This new LED cooler becomes available in two specific mechanical versions:LPF-11180
  • LPF11180-ZHE

This version offers a standard mounting layout for all Zhaga book 3 LED modules and some extra mounting holes for optional fixation of reflectors.

The LPF11180-ZHE LED pin fin heat sink is thermally validated for our eco partners Vossloh Schwabe Lugashop, Edison Opto Edilex and EdiPower II HM COB’s, Citizen CITILED CLL030/CLL032/CLL040/CLL042 COB’s, Philips LumiLeds Luxeon COB 1205 & 1208, Prolight Opto PABA COB’s and Tridonic Talexx Stark SLE G2 LED modules.

Please be aware that some of these COB’s need to be mounted though an extra LED holder from BJB or TE Connectivity in order to become Zhaga book 3 compatible.

  • XSA-96

This version is specifically developed for Xicato, foreseen for direct mounting of the Xicato XSM LED module and thermally validated under class Q, which offers a perfect passive cooling platform all the way up to the XSM 3000.

The LPF111 LED pin fin heat sinks offer an open platform for further mechanical adaptations to specific brand mounting layouts or secondary optics. Samples are available through our headquarter and our worldwide distribution network. Datasheets and drawings are available on here.