ModuLED Spot & Downlight Coolers

Our oldest and still extremely popular LED cooler series – the all versatile, full modular ModuLED Spot & Down Light coolers. With over 10 million pieces globally sold, the ModuLED has been our career maker for many years.

And there are very specific reasons why this coolers are so popular.

  • First of all, they are thermally superb designed – with the perfect balance between conduction, convection and radiation, these series deliver the highest performant cooling when starting off from a COB as a light source.
  • Second, the versatility of mounting holes what have been made available in these designs make that you can use them which any COB or LED engine you want to apply.
  • Over the years 6 various diameters from 47mm all the way up to 152mm and over 30 models have been developed, covering all-passive all needs up to 16.000 lumen.
  • Last but not least – we keep over 70.000pcs in stock, what makes that most project driven needs can be immediately fulfilled.