ModuLED Modular Passive LED Cooler

10 May 2013

Performance, functionality and looks all combined

Of course looks matter in the LED lighting world…

Even for recessed spot and down lights, you still have to sell it first, and at that point the look and feel of a product makes the first impressions.

ModuLED Modular Passive LED Cooler

And that’s exactly what the ModuLED modular passive LED coolers are offering you. An high end aesthetic look, combined with a perfect thermal performance and a modularity in mechanical design what allows you to easily mount different LED engines on the same LEDcooler and add up secondary optics or mounting options.Image title

From point of view of modularity on LED engines all Zhaga book 3 compatible modules like the Edison Edilex, Tridonic TALEXX Stark, Vossloh Schwabe Lugashop,… as well as some specific modules like the Bridgelux RS array, Citizen CLL030/040/050 series and the Xicato XPM & XSM LED engines can be mounted with standard self tapping screws M3x6mm.

With the Zhaga book 3 mounting availability also specific LED COB’s like the Sharp Mega Zenigata, Citizen CLL030 and Edison Opto Edipower II HM can be easily mounted in combination with the Zhaga LED holders from BJB or TE Connectivity, what immediatelygives you click and forget mounting availability for a wide range of reflectors.

Performance wise the ModuLED LED coolers are ideal for luminaires from 1200 lumen to 3000 lumen and are thermally verified for our eco partners Bridgelux, Citizen, Edison Opto, Lustrous, Prolight Opto, Tridonic, Vossloh Schwabe and Xicato Specific measurement reports per brand are available online.

If all this doesn’t convince you yet you might want to take a look at the market pricing of the ModuLED series.

The ModuLED is designed in this way that production wise there is a minimum of processes and after work needed, what has directly led to a unique price level which benefits for all of you.

Samples are available through our headquarter and our worldwide distribution network Datasheets are available on here.