MechaTronix - horticulture top lighting made easy

15 August 2017

With 3 off-the-shelf available pin fin coolers, all aiming at horticulture lighting projects, we offer the most comprehensive range of standard LED engines ever developed. What makes the CoolBlock® LED Coolers so ideal for horticulture and floriculture top light projects.

MechaTronix - horticulture top lighting made easy

Let us first list the general design ideas of the whole product family.

  • All the CoolBlock® LED Coolers are designed for full passive LED cooling – no fans or other moving parts are needed, what makes their life time infinite.
  • The CoolBlock® LED Coolers are always developed in conjunction with existing optics which fit the use in horticulture applications. This is probably already one of the biggest differentiators with other horticulture top lighting products – by using batwing technology, the light output is corrected in this way that the energy is completely even dispersed over the surface – this is done by a slight suppression of the center of the beam what compensates for the longer traveling light beams and finally results in the most perfect equalization of the light on the plants.

  • Once the lenses are fixed on the CoolBlock® and the back side is sealed with the CoolConnect® gland, the complete engine is IP67 ingress waterproof protected.
  • All CoolBlock® models are foreseen from an e-coating finish, what makes them perfect resistant to sulfides, UV and other reagents often used in an horticulture environment.
  • And last but not least – each CoolBlock® stands for an absolute maximized thermal performance in its size, leading to unprecedented power densities (and minimal shading as a result).

Let us now look at the various models and their ins-and-outs.

  • The CoolBlock SQ-01 2x2MX

    With its square appearance in a size of just 96x96mm, this cooler goes along with the Ledil 2x2MX lenses (available in PMMA and Silicon). In each lens pocket you can place up to 4 high power horti LED packages, so totally 16 horti emitters per CoolBlock®. The boards can either be designed in a fix spectrum or with multiple channels as a controllable spectrum. With a thermal resistance Rth of 1.45K/W one individual cooler can handle up to 65 watts of horti LEDs, equivalent to 160μmol/s.

    ▲ CoolBlock® SQ-01-2X2MX LED Cooler mounts with Horti LED COB.

    A wide variety of CoolBeam® assembly bits have been made available for this CoolBlock® 2x2MX.

    ▲ CoolBeam® kits series for MechaTronix 2x2MX LED Coolers.

  • The CoolBlock® LX 2x6

    As the name says it, this cooler goes along with the most industrialized waterproof lens, the 2x6 array. So 12 individual horti LED emitters are placed on a board to go along with it. With a size of just 20x8cm and a cooling performance of 1.05K/W, this cooler can go all the way up to 80 watts or 200μmol/s in the horti spectrum.

    ▲ CoolBlock® LX-02-2x6 LED Coolers mounts with Horti LED COB.

    The CoolBlock® LX 2x6 is also super simple extendable with the CoolConnect® Inter screws. In this way to can extend your array endless in the width, what makes it the ideal platform for aquaria top lighting and a wide variety of crops.

    ▲ CoolConnect® Inter-01 as a connection bridge allows you to combine 2, 3 or more CoolBlock® LX 2x6 LED coolers.

  • The CoolBlock® HC 3x11

    This is the most performant pin fin LED cooler made in these horti LED engines. The cooler goes together with the Ledil Florence 3x11 and the Ledil Floral (launch Q1 2018) and is co-developed with Osram OS, Ledil and Cezos. With just one CoolBlock®, full passive, size 34x10cm (so yes a very limited shade footprint), you go as high as 750μmol/s!! And that’s by far the most compact horticulture LED top light which is currently on the market available.

    ▲ CoolBlock® HC-01-3X11 LED Coolers with Osram Cezos 3x11 LED engine.

    Seen the number of horti LED emitters what can be placed on this cooler, this platform also suits perfect for flexible spectrum controls with multiple channels. The current co-design with Osram OS has been made with 4 channels, but any combination is doable in these PCBs.

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