Horticulture LED vertical farming

About MechaTronix

Horti LED Grow Lights – The Next Dimension

A new era for MechaTronix started in early 2017, with the design and manufacturing of advanced LED grow light systems.
A dedicated team of specialists has dived in the science of horticultural lighting and translated this science to new unprecedented technologies which created The Next Dimension in LED grow lights.

High power LED top light systems, ideal for SON-T replacement in greenhouses, where developed based on advanced heat pipe cooling technology.
As a result the CoolFin® and CoolStack® are now one of the most appreciated LED top lights in the market.
A complete new approach in LED light for vertical farming and propagation has seen the light with the CoolGrow® VF, resulting in absolute market leading PPFD values per watt.
A complete wireless control system nicknamed the CoolControls®, dedicated for use in horticulture lighting, has found its way to the market.

And that’s not where it stops…
MechaTronix will strive over the next years to bring more advanced technologies into the world of horticulture lighting, surpassing the goal of providing light for plants.