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GE Infusion™ is a game-changing technology and one of the most flexible LED lighting solutions on the market. As a designer, OEM or end-users, you can choose from an extensive selection of modules. Plus, there's the assurance of GE reliability and performance.

MechaTronix has developed passive LED cooling solutions which offer a validated thermal solution for the GE Infusion™ LED modules all the way up to 4.500 lumen at an ambient temperature of 30°C.

For lighting applications where the ambient temperature is higher than 40°C in combination with lumen packages above 3.000 lumen, we advise you to use our active IceLED LED coolers.With a guaranteed life time of over 60.000 hours and a 5 year warranty, the combination of the GE Infusion™ with this cooler would be the ideal solution.


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