Flood Light Coolers

Although the market of flood lights has been recently overwelmed by low cost creations, completely dumping the prices (and quality) in this market, there still remains a nice niche market of high end industrial flood light applications. Some of these niche markets can be found in the oil and gas industry, poultry and veal stables, but also in more volatile outdoor environments like sea shore applications, fishing boats, yachting etc. Similarities with regards to cooling can be made with the world of spot lighting and track lighting. The luminaires are tilted over a certain angle, need in that way an optimisation to convect the cooling and optimise the air flow in that condition, and on top of that are many times needing an IP67 waterproof design and/or a specific surface treatment to widthstand the climatical circumstances they are exposed to. Although this market is many times using full custom made cooler designs, we still made few interesting platforms available off-the-shelf. We have nicknamed them our patented CoolBlock® series - this are not just formats made up out of the blue, they are parts needed in a complex existing eco system to make it all work together. In most cases the lenses which go along (and immediately create an IP67 waterproof platform to the cooler), are designed and produced by our eco-partner Ledil. The LED engines are a mix of high power boards designed by either Lumileds, Osram OS or Cree, or created in the same form-fit format by a wide range of implementation and development companies around this platform (AduraLED, BHC, Audax, Cezos,…)

CoolBlock® SQ-01 2x2MX

  • Accommodating LED boards with 4 high power LEDs
  • W96mm - L96mm - H61.5mm
  • Power ranges typically 150-3000W
  • Made in automotive grade aluminum(environmentally friendly)
  • Rth 1.45°C/W
  • IP67 waterproof

CoolBlock® HB-28

  • Accommodating LED boards with 28 high power LEDs
  • 3,800 - 7,600 lumen
  • W106mm - L106mm - H62mm - Rth 1.16°C/W
  • IP67 waterproof

CoolBlock® ARENA-48

  • Accommodating LED boards with 48 high power LEDs
  • 10,000 - 20,000 lumen
  • W180mm - L180mm - H80mm - Rth 0.47°C/W
  • IP65 waterproof

CoolBlock® LX-01-2x6 /

CoolBlock® LX-02-2x6

  • Rectangle Pin Fin LED Cooler
  • 2,000 - 6,000 lumen
  • W80mm - L192mm - H45mm - Rth 1.09°C/W
  • IP67 waterproof designs

CoolBlock® HC-01-3x11

  • Rectangle Pin Fin LED Cooler
  • 8,000 - 14,000 lumen
  • 250 - 300 μmol/s
  • W98mm - L340mm - H61.5mm - Rth 0.47°C/W
  • IP67 waterproof designs