Edison Opto, BJB and MechaTronix cooperation

25 September 2013

Success in the world of LED lighting:
It’s all about partnering

In the world of LED lighting components standing on your own is like being left alone in the desert

More and more players in the manufacturing side of LED components start to understand that, and new eco partnerships result out of that.

Edison Opto, BJB and MechaTronix cooperation

A good example is the recent cooperation between Edison Opto, BJB and MechaTronix.

While Edison Opto is one of the largest manufacturers is Asia for LED emitter packages and LED modules, BJB focusses on development and manufacturing of high end LED holders for solder less mounting of COBs, and MechaTronix is the reference with regards to standard of-the-shelf brand LED coolers.

A few months of meetings, planning, decisions and executions… and the circle was round!

All the new generations LED COBs from Edison Opto have now their dedicated LED connectors available designed according the newest Zhaga book 3 standards and have a bunch of different of-the-shelf LED coolers available which are mechanically and thermally validated for each other.

As a practical result lighting designers don’t have to worry any more for what fits with what.
A lot of us can testify that just a short time ago, it wasn’t so evident to select your major components and make them all work together.
Either information was missing or the component brands didn’t want to link or adapt their business models to each other.

“With this new era of ECO partnerships the LED world is changing rapidly” according Koen Vangorp, General Manager of MechaTronix. “With this new cooperation style lighting designers can finally rely on availability of critical components which are validated together, and can start focusing again on what they really want - the design and the looks. Of course a chain is only as strong as the weakest link; therefore it is important that ECO partners are formatted out of similar interests, a continuous will to adapt to each other, and able to follow each other with new developments. And that’s what makes the partnership between Edison Opto, BJB and MechaTronix so unique. In only 3 months’ time an extreme range of products was developed which all fit together, stock was built up and communications to the market where launched”.

More information about the cooperation between Edison Opto, BJB and MechaTronix can be found on the individual web sites of this ECO partners.