CoolGrow® light spectra

CoolGrow® 3R2EQW

This is the most frequent used spectrum in a variety of mature crops promoting flowering, budding, leaf building and a good biomass production.
Ideal for cannabis flowering stage and multiple leafy greens.

Very strong results with high crop cultivation like tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers and egg plants as well with a wide variety of berries.


CoolGrow® RREQW

With a slightly higher focus on hyper red 660nm and limited photons in the blue and green to yellow spectrum, this growth recipe goes ideal for plants which you want to elongate during maturing.
The recipe promotes longer stems and internodes, leading to an open plant structure and a higher ratio of photosynthesis.

Most potted plants give a great result under this spectrum.


CoolGrow® 3REQWFR

With additional photons in the far red spectrum 730nm and a clear focus on the 660nm bandwidth this spectrum is ideal for ornamentals and a wide variety of floriculture supplemental lighting.
The extra far red photons simplify controlled timing on flowering.

Ideal for plants who don’t like too much blue spectrum like Phalaenopsis.


CoolGrow® 5RB

An energy wise very effective spectrum with only focus on deep blue 450nm and hyper red 660nm (21% to 79% ratio).

This is a typical general purpose spectrum, which works ideal with a wide score of crops and particular with leafy greens.


CoolGrow® 3RBEQW

With a clear focus on the deep blue 450nm and hyper red 660nm spectrum, this recipe focusses on vegetative growth phases and propagation.
The recipe delivers shorter, compact plants with a good biomass ratio – the extra energy in the blue 450nm bandwidth also promotes stomata opening.

All together a good balance between both photon levels guarantees a good mix between vegetative growth and biomass production.


CoolGrow® 3RBEQWFR

Again a clear target on the deep blue 450nm and hyper red 660nm spectrum, this recipe focusses on vegetative growth phases and propagation.
The extra photons in the far red 730nm spectrum enhance the transition period from vegetative growth to flowering.

Ideal for cannabis vegetative growth and a wide score of ornamentals.


CoolGrow® RRB

A clear high efficacy spectrum with balance between deep blue 450nm and hyper red 660nm (40% to 60% ratio).
Focus on vegetative growth for plants which you don’t want to elongate too much.

Very good results with a variety of algae like spirulina and Arthrospira.


CoolGrow® 4REQW

With the bulk of the photons in the hyper red 660nm bandwidth, this spectrum goes ideally together with hybrid lighting systems in combination with HPS SON-T luminaires.
While the vast majority of photons from a SON-T are produced in the 550nm to 630nm this growth recipes used as a supplement will create more elongated plants with a higher biomass, longer stems, longer internodes and an overall open morphologic structure.

We recommend this spectrum in hybrid systems with HPS lamps for floriculture products like chrysanthemum.


CoolGrow® RRR

With all the photons bundled on the 660nm bandwidth, this spectrum is designed either as supplemental spectrum to HPS SON-T grow lamps, as well as to be used as spectrum controls supplement for adaptive spectrum over growth stage.
Both the CoolFin®, CoolCube® as CoolPack® LED horti top lights allow dual channel spectrum controls.
Various CoolGrow® growth recipes can be placed together on the same grow light, and each pair can be individually addressed.

Suppose that you want to aim at various growth stages without changing the plants from location or changing the luminaires, for example the Sea of Green (SoG) cultivation method for medicinal cannabis, than this platforms let you combine 2 engines focusing on vegetative growth with 2 engines purely focusing on the flowering stage.