CoolCube® Advanced LED Coolers

This state-of-the-art heat pipe cooler is the flagship of the company. With a thermal resistance Rth of just 0.1K/W, this cooler creates up to 100.000 lumen of white light, or 2.000μmol/s in the horticulture PAR spectrum.

The heart of the CoolCube® is a sophisticated quadruple COB or LOB LED engine platform, with 16 sintered heat pipes transporting the heat to a stack fin structure. The CoolCube® is designed from an overall limited width perspective (width of just 20cm), what makes it the ideal platform in greenhouse horti cultivation for daylight extension and supplemental lighting with a limited shade footprint.

▲ CoolCube® Giga

The LED engines can be combined with a variety of lenses from Ledil (Stella series) and Khatod (SIO3 Junior) – in these lenses you will find a wide score of beam angles, from classic high bay beams to narrow angles for high mast applications and complex batwing structures for an even light dispersion over your plants.

Driver wise again we have made that all what is Mean Well and Inventronics fits on the system, what makes that you can find a wide score of waterproof drivers with either 110/230Vac input or your specific needs in horti, 400Vac…

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