CoolBeam® Mounting Kits

Designed around the CoolBlock® 2x2MX platform, these kits offer an easy integration of multiple units to create your next high bay, industrial flood light or horticulture top light project. As the Led engines with the CoolBlock® 2x2MX are already IP67 ingress waterproof, the design of the CoolBeam® could be kept as an open structure, allowing an optimized free air convection. The CoolBeam® kits allow assembly from 3 all the way up to 12 units.

▲ CoolBeam® kits series for MechaTronix 2x2MX LED Coolers.

The power supply bracket has been designed in a versatile way, fitting almost all drivers from famous brands like Mean Well and Inventronics without the need of extra mounting holes. What you also might notice is that the drivers are placed far away from the LED coolers itself, guaranteeing an optimal product life time. The CoolBeam® bracket is just 10.7cm wide, making it also an ideal platform for horticulture top lighting projects with a very limited shade footprint for daylight extension or supplementary lighting in greenhouses. While every CoolBlock® SQ-01 2x2MX can create up to 150μmol/s, four of these unit in a CoolBeam® bracket would deliver you full passive 600μmol/s in a luminaire of just 10cm wide and 42cm long…