Architectural Light Coolers

Architectural lighting is of course a wide definition - for us, it's a combination of both indoor and outdoor lighting, where the created light effect is either of decorate nature, or where the light is used to create a landmark or visual differentiation to the rest of the environment. That means that under this category you will find as well LED coolers for indoor spot light use, LED lighting bars and related components as well as LED cooling units for outdoor use. Typically on this last category we need to keep in mind, besides the cooling technology, that a waterproof IP degree might be needed as well as resistance to the volatility of outdoor environments.The luminaires are tilted over a certain angle, need in that way an optimisation to convect the cooling and optimise the air flow in that condition, and on top of that are many times needing an IP67 waterproof design and/or a specific surface treatment to widthstand the climatical circumstances they are exposed to. In this way the rest of the design can be made much easier and light weight, without too much further consideration of the IP degree.

We have nicknamed them our patented CoolBlock® series - this are not just formats made up out of the blue, they are parts needed in a complex existing eco system to make it all work together. In most cases the lenses which go along (and immediately create an IP67 waterproof platform to the cooler), are designed and produced by our eco-partner Ledil. The LED engines are a mix of high power boards designed by either Lumileds, Osram OS or Cree, or created in the same form-fit format by a wide range of implementation and development companies around this platform (AduraLED, BHC, Audax, Cezos,…)

CoolBeam® SQ3-01

  • (3x)CoolBlock® SQ-01 2x2MX
  • W107 - L316 - H150.5(mm)
  • Up to 16,000 lm
  • Weight 2485g

CoolBeam® SQ4-01

  • (4x)CoolBlock® SQ-01 2x2MX
  • W107 - L418 - H150.5(mm)
  • Up to 20,000 lm
  • Weight 3125g

CoolBeam® SQ Dual

  • (8x)CoolBlock® SQ-01 2x2MX
  • W240 - L418 - H125(mm)
  • Up to 40,000 lm
  • Weight 1387g

CoolBeam® SQ Triple

  • (12x)CoolBlock® SQ-01 2x2MX
  • W370 - L418 - H125(mm)
  • Up to 60,000 lm
  • Weight 2034g