About MechaTronix

About MechaTronix

An introduction

MechaTronix was formed in 2007, comprised of five already successful manufacturing companies, with each of them in excess of a decade of continuous operation. MechaTronix provides a wide variety of mechanical and electromechanical parts as well as assemblies for the international Original Equipment Manufacturers market.

Starting off with the production of metal and plastic enclosures for electronic applications and the assembly of half-products and elaborate cables, MechaTronix utilised several production processes, amongst which die casting, forging, extrusion and plastic injection.

The application of secondary processes such as CNC grinding and cutting and finishing such as anodising, painting and silk screen printing enable us to offer a very high degree of customisation and personalisation to our customers. It was through the expertise in these processes that MechaTronix found its stride as a serious contender in the market of heat sinks and cooling engines. What started as a one-off venture into the extrusion of aluminium heat sinks resulted in a very comprehensive package of cooling solutions for the booming international LED market.

In 2016 the knowledge made an extra jump with the acquisition of Cooling House, based in Taipei Wugu.
This high end design and development center specializes in the deep matters of advanced thermal management, which goes much further than LED cooling – heat exchangers for data centers, renewable energy and high power conversions are their field of play.

With this extension also the LED cooling activities showed new possibilities with technologies introduced like heat pipes and loop thermosyphons.

As a result MechaTronix started in 2017 with their second core mission – the design, development and manufacturing of LED grow lights for use in a wide score of horticulture applications.

Seen the rising demand of PPFD values growers want to apply to their crops, similar like what has been seen in the evolution of SON-T HPS grow lamps, the thermal management of LED grow lights is absolutely key for the lifetime of high power LED applications.
From this perspective we started developing complete LED grow light concepts which outstand on lifetime, PPF values out of a single luminaire, light distribution and canopy penetration.
With the first horti LED top lights brought to the market in early 2018, MechaTronix instituted a dedicated team working around LED grow light solutions for the future.